Matt Hunter & The Dusty Fates

The Dusty Fates (L-R): Arad Evans, Jennifer Coates, Matt Hunter, Roger Murdock, Jim Santo

L-R: Arad Evans, Jennifer Coates, Matt Hunter, Roger Murdock, Jim Santo. Photo by Mark Richards.


The Dusty Fates is a New York City-based band led by vocalist and guitarist Matt Hunter.

Band Members

Jennifer Coates – violin, vocals
Painter, writer, musician. Member of Heroes Of Toolik, with Arad Evans.

Arad Evans – guitar
Founder and leader of Heroes Of Toolik. Long-time member of Glenn Branca Ensemble. Has also worked with Quiet City, Rhys Chatham, Ben Neill, John Myers’ Blastula, and many other groups. Co-leader of The Whimbrels with Matt Hunter.

Jeff Gensterblum – drums
Drummer for SAVAK, Small Brown Bike, Able Baker Fox, The Casket Lottery, LaPeche, Unwed, The Twin, I Is Another, States and Kingdoms, and many more.

Matt Hunter – vocals, guitar
Co-founder/co-leader of New Radiant Storm King. Former member of J. Mascis & the Fog, King Missile, Silver Jews. Plays bass in Wharton Tiers Ensemble, SAVAK, and The Whimbrels.

Jim Santo – guitar
Formerly of Jenifer Convertible, The Sharp Things and Wharton Tiers Ensemble. Co-producer, recording and mix engineer of the debut Dusty Fates LP (to be released in 2024).

Gerard Smith – bass
Esteemed bassist for Phantom Tollbooth, Thirdborder, Doug Gillard, Royal Arctic Institute, and many more.

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